Wednesday, October 20, 2010

For my sayang.

Morning to my sayang+darling :)
this morning i not feeling too well. (demam)
baby bie nk cakap sumting for you
since i know you and im with u sayang many things kamu dah ubah untuk bie . btw thanks
even time awal2 kita kapel bie dah banyak menyusahkan sayang dan bie tawu its all my fault.
bie sedar diri bie takk perfect utk kamu. everytime buat kamu sdeyh kan sayang.
bie try nk jadi perfect and bagus utk sayang almost 5 months for you but maybe tu semua does'nt make you feel anything. maybe im not enough for you my sweetheart<3
kita dah create byak janji dengan hati yang tulus dan ikhlas dengan persetujuan masing2. :)
*never be replaced<3
*perfect loyalty<3
im feeling like this world is mine when you said ' i love you'<3
but i thought our promise is enough to make you trust the love from my bottom heart.
and i know i cant give you what you need.
i need you to understand. tried so hard to be your man.
i'll swear ill never be happy again sayang.
dont you dare to say we can just be friend one day.
and dont you dare to left a box of our memories. lying on the floor.
dont leave me alone my baby. i just wanna stay with you in this moment forever,
forever and everrr<3
where every moment i spent with you is the moment i know the meaning of love.
you means a lot for me my baby girl for all the rest of time.
well i just wanna be with you.
i dont wanna lose your love
i dont wanne lose your kiss
im begging you Puteri Najwa<3
and I love you too much and you the only one i love with full of my heart.
You my sweetest dream ever sayang.

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